Data & Analytics

Big Data Algorithms walk the thin line that separates the mining and analyzing of data  and client expectations.

Big Data presents an opportunity for the brands to grow and innovate, to increase their sales and their markets, to address new clients and to conceive new offers.

Big Data constitutes the basis of any adapted digital strategy. The trends observed through the continuous data analysis allow creating, orienting, and developing the strategy in one direction or the other.

The Data scientists and consultants at Proximity use the top performing marketing tools as well as our proper means to collect, organize, and analyze the given external and internal insights of your enterprise.

The interpretation of this data sums up to the acquisition of a comprehensive and continuous understanding of the consumer behavior in Omnichannel logic. It also leads to a predictive vision allowing the anticipation of any potential changes in the consumer behavior.

Proximity Agency's Data Scientists and Consultants support our clientele in mining, organizing, analyzing and evaluating this big data in order to optimize their performance through the development of a 360 degree omni channel an knowledge of the client.

This Data contributes to the adoption of an optimal marketing strategy. Our approach is practical, functional and pragmatic.

  • Client diagnostics
  • Operational segmentation
  • Measurement of customer value and potential
  • Web and social analytics
  • Analysis of sales impacts
  • Measurement of omnichannel performance
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