Wooden bakery is a simple bakery providing the Lebanese market with freshly baked quality bread.

Bread Day Campaign

The Challenge

Wooden Bakery was looking for a way to promote their business for World Bread Day, while also increasing the number of followers their page has as well as the engagement on the page.

Our Approach

To achieve their goals we implemented the Share Bread campaign. Users were asked to take pictures of cakes, pastries and other Wooden Bakery items whether they made it themselves or got it from a Wooden Bakery location. Facebook fans then vote on there favorite photos, and for every vote bread would be donated to the Lebanese Food Bank.

The Results

The Wooden Bakery Facebook page had roughly 1,000 fans at the beginning of the campaign, and ended with nearly 4,500 in just over 2 weeks.  Furthermore, around 2,200 people participated in the campaign, resulting in the donation of over 21,000 loaves of pita bread to the Lebanese Food Bank.