ULF Metn University

ULF Metn Campus offers a motivating knowledgeable environment that is located only 15 minutes away from Beirut. ULF Metn University has opened in 2014 with the dedication to deliver a value driven education.

The challenge

Proximity Agency and its group partners had the challenge of introducing and leading ULF Metn, newly launched in the Metn region, in the digital world.

  • We had to create an affective full digital strategy to generate awareness concerning the opening of ULF Metn University.
  • We had to generate a unique and outstanding campaign highlighting ULF Metn in the educational field.
  • Our full digital strategy has to create traffic towards ULF and succeed in reaching leads and motivate them to make the action of registration.
The University Website

Within our digital strategy, Proximity agency developed the university website to create a channel of communication between the university and its students, a page of representation for ULF Metn’s offerings and identity.

The concept focuses on optimizing the user experience and information structure. With its modern design, the website helps the brand stand out from competitors.

ULF Metn website is available for desktops and smartphones. Apart from up-to-date news, they will also find a useful search, university agenda, Faculties, Photo Galleries, and a Student oriented Blog.

Proximity Agency used Drupal 7 to build the website along with a mobile responsive version. An SEO strategy has been implemented along with a content strategy. In addition, an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) was created to support the website frequent update.

Project scope:Creation of the concept: Website design, Website Content in French & English, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy, Website programing using Drupal 7, Website Integration with University SIS system, Website Hosting & Maintenance, E-mails management

The Notebook

ULF Metn’s blog is a very innovative way for a Lebanese university to create a strong relationship with its students. It was also a way to position this brand new University in the Metn area, as a modern institution, using cutting-edge communication techniques.

The blog is entitled The Notebook. It features articles about lifestyle and tips on how to manage one’s student life, how to study efficiently, how to choose a career, how to make the best out of a training period etc.  It also features healthy tips about food, sports and entertainment.

The articles must position the blog as a tool that students can use on a daily basis. It must address issues student are very familiar with. By doing so, it will help build a strong link between the university and the Lebanese youth.

The blog is also meant to become a platform where students, teachers and experts should be able to post their own articles to highlight real issues, discuss and share ideas. This tool was genuinely designed to bring an added value to the students’ lives.

The Communication

Our digital strategy built a professional identity to ULF Metn online, its website and mobile version created an effective and easy communication channel between users and the university. Using a full concentrated merge of all social platforms we made sure that ULF Metn was to reach out every angle of the targeted audience, we created a loud awareness of the university and the facilities it has to deliver.

Content was distributed via Social Media and Google to inform expose what makes ULF Metn more unique than any other, what ULF Metn has to offer, and why ULF Metn promises success.

Content marketing was distributed on dedicated blog display on local portals like iloubnan.info and Naharnet.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts were developed to help reach leads in a more personal and affective level. We generated an image to the university by spreading out its opening and qualifications it holds to pass down.

The Notebook, ULF Metn Blog is a qualitative space constructed to allow students feel prioritized, provide social and educational updates, and enjoy articles by the university. It is also a place that allows communications between professors and students.

Social Aim created a broad and successful E-CRM strategy covering all digital platforms, it was very important that we create a meaningful and easy connection between ULF Metn and its targeting students.

The awareness campaign "Ever since I was a kid" was displayed on social media (Facebook...), Google Network and Lebanese portals and news websites.

The $98/credits campaign created an active approach during the opening of ULF Metn University. It successfully reached out to our targeted audience and generated an awareness of the university. The campaign was displayed on local medias, Google network and Facebook.

E-marketing and SMS carried out the announcement of ULF Metn’s opening and invites people to visit their website.


  • Our strategies amassed a successful number of leads to ULF Metn; we were able to achieve an essential result concerning our goal in the digital world of media.
  • The ULF Metn campaign accomplished a great awareness and increase in enrollment in many different faculties.
  • We were able to highly interact with digital users to introduce our client in a very creative, affective, and positive manner.