Sama Beirut is a 50 story tower overlooking the city from the heart of Ashrafieh. Sama Beirut delivers a luxuriously structured apartments and offices that uniquely outstands itself on the Lebanese territory with its wide range of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities. The architectural design captures a 360-degree view stretching from Mount Lebanon all the way to the bay of Jounieh, the seashore to the port of Beirut, the Beirut Central District, as well as, the rest of the Lebanese capital.

The challenge

Proximity Agency had the challenge of introducing and leading Sama Beirut in the digital world. We not only had to create awareness in the digital society but also generate leads with the assurance they convert to sales, while the Real Estate sector was struggling in Lebanon. The tower, though beautiful, had to face rejection from some of Ashrafieh's residents: many rejected the presence of this high, modern tower in a quite traditional neighborhood.  We had to raise awareness and sales by attracting traffic to Sama Beirut via digital media.

Our approach

Proximity Agency has been involved in implementing a digital platform. We developed a fully functional and interactive website, a luxury blog, a social media strategy, and a Facebook page, where engagement increased through Brand Content, Social Media Community Management and Facebook Ads.

We created a qualitative way of communication to ease the approach and communication between Sama Beirut and its clients. Social Aim Digital Strategists and , Creative and Brand Content Consultants initiated strong and presentable work that resembles Sama Beirut publicly.  

Proximity Agency was contracted to build a full digital strategy that contains:

  • A full dedicated blog with a unique content (Content Marketing)
  • A website with a mobile version
  • Social Media Benchmark & Strategy
  • Social Media Community management (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Content Marketing production
  • E-campaign: Creative & Management


Not only did Proximity Agency succeeded in establishing an original presence for Sama Beirut through all digital platforms, but also in rebranding. We were able to create a majestic presence of Sama Beirut via a website, a blog, social platforms, and campaigns that encouraged and recruited fans.

Lap of Luxury

When we at Proximity Agency, got the chance to elaborate Sama Beirut’s digital strategy, we had two main goals:

  • To answer the first need of our client, that was to generate more leads and sales
  • To work on the identity and positioning of this controversial tower

We thought of targeting potential customers by using editorial content dedicated to luxury and culture, published on the blog we created for Sama Beirut, under the name “Lap of Luxury”.

Creating this content, then sharing it on Sama Beirut’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), allowed us to set the luxury identity of Sama Beirut, one of the tallest buildings in Lebanon.

Featuring an entertaining content, Lap of Luxury quickly became successful, attracting readers who interact and shared the articles on their social media.

We worked carefully on the keywords to be used in the articles to optimize the referencing by Google. We also worked on the quality of the visuals that we used to illustrate this editorial content.

All this content was used to animate the social media channels, ensuring a vivid newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter and, most importantly, dragging the fans to the blog.

The blog featured an advertisement for Sama Beirut, inviting people to click and redirecting them to the corporate website of the tower.

"Watch over Beirut" campaign

We conceptualized, implemented and managed the "Watch over Beirut" campaign. This campaign has been displayed over Lebanese portals, social media and Google network.