ITG Holding

ITG Holding, the ICT solution provider offering different types of business models for users around the world catering to both consumers and professionals in Lebanon and the Middle East, was seeking to portray its expertise and professionalism online thus strengthening their positioning as an expert and engaging with the local community.

The Digital Strategy

Proximity Agency, through its consultancy, needs assessment, on-going support, establishing of a digital strategy, implementation and shadowing, allowed ITG Holding to target end users, by providing each type of segment with professional services that are tailored made to them, ranging from consultancy and needs assessment to on-going support.

The goal of ITG Holding is to use the digital as an opportunity to:

  • Strengthen the brand identity,
  • Build upon the intangible emotional connection in the mind of the loyal consumer,
  • Integrate social media components; showcase the companies’ expertise,
  • Display the company’s range of tailor made offers,
  • Offer a platform that allows users to find an offer that is fully dedicated to them.

Proximity Agency perfected ITG Holding online presence through:

  • Defining a functional ergonomic positioning and design for the ITG Holding website
  • Establishing a community concept, in which the client is placed in the center of the digital strategy.
  • Creating a corporate and community web concept
  • Defining the graphics of the website
  • Designing a Drupal based website
  • Designing and managing a social media presence (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Performing ongoing support
The Social Media

The Challenge

As an information technology holding company, ITG Holding needed a website that demonstrated the experience and professionalism of both their group and affiliate companies. In addition, to further their digital presence ITG requested a blog and forum be integrated into the site as well as creating a Facebook page.

Our Approach

  • The redesigned site was created with a professional corporate look, and microsites for all affiliated companies. This allows users to gain an understanding of what ITG Holding does, while promoting their affiliate companies.
  • Explanations of the different fields they, as well as their affiliates operate in was also a primary focus of the site.
  • SEO was implemented to help drive users to the new site.
  • A forum for users and employees of ITG’s different companies was created to help foster a community out of those visiting the site and working in the Holding group.
  • The blog was also integrated to allow ITG employees and our staff to write content relevant to the industry and demonstrate ITG Holding’s expertise.
  • A Facebook page was launched to popularize the redesigned site, and later transitioning into a place to find information about trends in the IT business as well as offers from ITG Holding affiliated companies.

The Results

ITG Holding has seen a dramatic increase in traffic due to both the quality of their site and the ease at which users can find it thanks to successfully integrating SEO. Furthermore, visitors to the site have used both the blog and forum, with an online community beginning to emerge, and their Facebook page has increased to a community of over 4,000 in the first 3 months.

The Newsletter

Proximity Agency conceptualized, designed, implemented and manages (Content production and routing) ITG Holding Corporate Newsletter.