portal is particularly complex. In this context, the creation of the storyboard allowed to define more specifically the structure, the navigation, and the different interactions of the interface. An ergonomic layout has been designed to perfectly visualize  the hierarchy of the site and key pages, but also to check that the layout of the pages perfectly fit with the editorial strategy.

The Website

For the web implementation phase, Proximity Agency technical team have used design patterns and implementation adapted to the concept of portal.

The techniques have been customized for this new medium. had to be managed around a central web platform declining all vital functions of the site.

This unique platform integrates all the portal management tools including:

  • editorial management (creation of interactive features, generation of web pages, site referencing ...)
  • community management (moderation of the forum, management of club members, sending newsletters ...)
  • managing interactions with users (suggestions, answers questions from the experts ...),
  • technical support (e-mail management, monitoring of dialogue ...)
  • data entry in databases (site referencing ....),

This specific tool allows to effectively manage a complex portal with a large audience and allow to absorb the audience growth while maintaining quality content and an attractive community.

To ensure an operation in network of the editorial team, we had to set up a common database in order to managed the content and ensure exchanges between editorial team, graphics team and technical team. portal design had to complete several missions: to be attractive and aesthetic, but also fit with the editorial line of the website, while ensuring perfect readability of the content.

Regarding the technology solution, the extreme complexity of portal led us to move towards Zend Framework-PHP/MySQL rather than other solutions we used to use for the websites implementation. We were looking for a particularly flexible solution, and this choice has seemed the most relevant. It allowed us to meet the scalability of the portal.

Another challenge with The maintenance. portal offers multi-daily updates. Therefore, users will make several visits a day, and use the media as a reference in all their search for information about Lebanon. The site proposes a commercial offer and is committed to its advertisers to ensure the display of advertising. Knowing this, any malfunction, can have major consequences on the portal and must at all costs be managed immediately. Our technical teams are on the alert to avoid incidents and fix quickly any issue.