460 The Multimedia E-Store

Need to buy a laptop, iPhone or printer at affordable prices? Check out 460Estore.com. The well-known Multimedia Store founded by ITG Holding in Beirut features a number of labels, including, Apple, HP, and Canon....

While 460 The Multimedia Store is a well-known name throughout Lebanon, the company had no dedicated ecommerce site. Proximity Agency handled the brand’s digital strategy, the market research, designed the online store idea, built the e-shop and handled the pre and post launch communication.

The E-Shop

460 The Multimedia Store has been selling its brands for a long time in a number of its stores. While brand awareness was widespread and sales were going well, the company felt that it was time to have its own e-store and asked Proximity Agency to build it.

We provided a full roadmap that included: The brand digital strategy, The market research, The E-Store Concept, The E-Store design & Implementation, The SEO/SEM Strategy, The E-CRM solution to collect relevant customer data to personalize product offerings, The communication strategy pre and post launching

We had a number of goals in minds when designing the new site; attracting targeted traffic, generating leads, promoting 460 The Multimedia E-Store brands, and increasing online sales. At the same time, we aimed to optimize the handling efficiency, improve the user’s experience and enhance customer communications.

The clear new design matches the brand to perfection, ensuring the user an easy and efficient experience. Proximity agency used SEO best practices to guarantee maximum search engine visibility.

With its bright, new ecommerce site catering to new and existing customers, 460 The Multimedia E-Store aims to upgrade its clients’ shopping experience and increase sales. It includes over 1000 items, each easy to find by category, brand or specification. The home page always features the newest products as well as special promotions and a wish list.

"What Should I Do With This" Campaign

To accompany the launch of 460 The Multimedia Store’s new E-Store, the Website was launched in its first phase as an effective tool for building brand awareness. Our approach for creating a successful website for 460 The Multimedia Store is not just about adding innovative features and tools but making it a rewarding experience. The emphasis on usability will be just as important as the design appeal.


  • Launching a suitable campaign to promote the new brand store identity, we had to set a strategy that attracts and builds traffic to 460 The Multimedia E-Store website and generate an e-CRM database
  • Placing the campaign on blogs and sites that will reach out to our targeted audience successfully
  • Productively achieving our targeted participants and generating interaction between the brand and users
  • Building the store first prospects database

Our Approach

  • We launched an Instagram based promotional campaign, focused on a microsite that allows users to post their photos to the site by using a dedicated hachtag. The users with the most likes on the photo they’ve posted to the blog blog.460Estore.com, were awarded with different prizes worth up to $5,000.
  • We structured a competitive campaign driving people to participate in return for prizes.
  • Visuals that link to the campaign landing page were released through Google ads, Facebook ads, online portals, and social media posts.

Results already seen as a result of the campaign include:

  • Increases in both likes and user activity on 460 The Multimedia Store Facebook page
  • A stronger online presence of 460 The Multimedia Store as a whole allowing more information to be readily available online
  • Professional and appealing pages through high quality posts
  • An E-CRM database generated with more than 4000 subscribers (potential clients)

An e-Store that appears more personal to potential and current clientele. This campaign was followed by a second campaign after the E-Store launching. It consisted to provide an e-coupon (with 5% off on E-store purchases) for users who deposit old materials at 460 The Multimedia Store recyclable bin.